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Folliculitis is a general term used for inflammation of the hair follicles. This usually presents as tender red bumps overlying hair follicles with a pustule on the surface. Folliculitis may be superficial or deep and can occur on any hair-bearing area of the body including the scalp, face, arms, legs, chest, back, buttocks, and groin.

Did you know…

that acne is a form of folliculitis? More information about acne can be accessed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes folliculitis?

The most common causes of folliculitis are infectious causes such as bacteria, yeast, and fungi. Other causes include occlusion or occlusive substances, contact with certain chemicals, and sometimes even shaving or other methods of hair removal.

How is folliculitis diagnosed?

Folliculitis can be diagnosed by your dermatologist. The doctor will ask questions regarding your skin care routine and exposures and examine your skin to determine the cause of the folliculitis. The examination will also determine the depth of the infection. If necessary, a swab of the area can be performed for culture to determine the infectious agent.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment will depend on the type, depth, and severity of the folliculitis. Mild forms are often treated with topical ointments or creams. Deeper or more severe cases are usually treated with oral pills. For deeper infections, in-office drainage of the lesion may be necessary.


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