Let’s Talk: Dermatologist-Recommended AM Skincare Routine

“What should I use in my every day skincare routine?”

That is the most common question I get at the end of an office visit. Rather than an after-thought, we could probably spend a whole visit on this topic! Because there are so many choices for skincare on the market, it’s hard to decide what products to try, let alone to know what actually works!

First, you should consider how important it is for patients to get credible information from a skin expert rather than a person with a stand at the mall! There are so many new fads and trends, and I don’t deny it’s fun to try them, but we should focus on what is studied, tried, and true as the foundation of our skin care!

Skincare does not need to break the bank either. Next to each category will be the label “SAVE” or “SPLURGE.” You do not have to spend a fortune on every item of your routine, instead, save on some items so you can spend on others!

Finally, the following regimen outlines the building blocks of youthful, healthy, and beautiful skin. Everyone is different with different sensitivities, so always be cautious when trying new products, and pay close attention to how your skin is reacting! Most of the products below can be found in the grocery store or pharmacy, while some are physician-dispensed and can be purchased in our office.

STEP 1: Gentle Face Wash


In the AM, your face wash should be gentle, as we are only trying to wash away dead skin cells.

Some recommendations:


STEP 2: Growth Factor/Peptides


Although the jury is still out on the benefits of growth factors and peptides, the evidence to support their use is growing. These products contain ingredients that stimulate cell growth, collagen and elastin production, and cellular repair — strengthening and feeding the skin to “reverse” aging. This would also be when you would apply eye creams.

Some recommendations:


STEP 3: Antioxidants


Antioxidants inhibit cellular damage. They play an essential role in minimizing skin aging and achieving better skin protection against harmful free radicals.

Some recommendations:


STEP 4: Moisturizer


Hydrated skin looks more healthy and radiant, however you don’t need to spend a fortune for hydration. There are numerous drugstore brands that will do the trick!

Some recommendations:


STEP 5: Sunscreen


Last but not least, sunscreen. It is the most important and effective step in preventing aging. If you have no time to do anything else – just throw on one of the moisturizer/sunscreens! Your future-self will thank you!

Some recommendations:

Stay tuned for the recommended PM routine!

Connie Wang, MD

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