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Why Winter Is the Best Time to Begin Laser Hair Removal

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Summer. Sunshine, beaches, vacations … and hair removal. Summer fun comes with a lot of upkeep, not to mention razor burn. If you’re already daydreaming about short shorts and bikinis next summer, now is the perfect time to start your laser hair removal treatment. In contrast to methods such as shaving and waxing, laser hair removal is convenient, pain-free, and permanent. Even better, it doesn’t leave unsightly bumps and rashes!

Put down the razor and forget the wax. Spend your summer days by the pool without worrying about stubble or razor burn. It may seem odd to think about your summer hair removal routine even before the new year, but there are actually a few great reasons to schedule your consultation with us to get started with your laser hair removal sessions.

Less sun exposure

During your hair removal sessions, we’ll use lasers that target the pigment of your hair directly in the follicle. Over the course of treatment, this disrupts the follicle’s ability to produce new hair. Because laser hair removal works better on lighter and undamaged skin, sun exposure and tanning can minimize the effectiveness of the laser treatments. Treatments also require 2-4 weeks before and after treatment without sun exposure, which is much easier to do in the winter than the summer. Given the shorter days, less time outside, and more conservative clothing, you’re much less likely to get too much sun exposure.

Time for treatment

Laser hair removal typically takes 4-6 weeks to fully remove the hair and allow your skin time to heal. Including the pre- and post-treatment time during which you need to be sun-free, this quickly adds up. During your treatment, you may experience slight discomfort that can be exacerbated by exposure to high temperatures and sunlight. We also highly recommend that you avoid direct sunlight on those areas being treated with laser hair removal, and summer makes that much more difficult. Since winter means warmer clothes and less time outdoors, it’s much easier to complete the full course of treatment without missing out on any summer fun.

We all know that weather in Texas can be erratic. We can experience multiple seasons over the course of a few hours, so waiting to start your treatments can leave you unprepared for those warmer days. When we start your treatments earlier, you’re much less likely to be caught off guard.

Healthier skin

Our laser treatments work on all skin complexions, but the treatment typically works best when there’s a contrast between hair and skin color. For instance, darker hair on lighter skin is much easier to remove than lighter hair on light skin, or darker hair on dark skin. You probably know by now that exposure to the sun causes damage, so minimizing damage — which is good for your skin anyway — helps to get better results, faster.

Since summer usually brings shorts and fun in the sun, you’re more likely to tan or sunburn, and that can alter the results of your treatment. For the best results, we recommend you begin your treatment before the weather warms up and your skin is more likely to be its natural color.

Don’t spend half your summer removing hair or hiding unsightly razor burn. Free up your time with laser hair removal treatment, and don’t wait! Contact us at Elite Dermatology & Plastic Surgery today to speak with Dr. Wang or one of the other skin care experts at our Katy or Kingwood locations. Starting your sessions now is highly recommended so your skin can be healed and hair-free by the time warmer weather hits — and in Texas, it’s just around the corner!