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Victoria Keller, RN

Advanced Nurse Injector located in River Oaks, TX

About Victoria Keller

Ms. Victoria Keller, RN, is a registered nurse serving patients at Elite Dermatology in River Oaks, Texas. She is meticulous at her craft and continuously strives to provide quality, reliable outcomes for her patients.  

With the ever-changing aesthetic landscape, Ms. Victoria continually expands her knowledge through advanced training opportunities while staying apprised of evolving trends, progressive techniques, and the newest products. She has worked with numerous national key opinion leaders devising innovative treatment algorithms to optimize patient outcomes. 

Ms. Victoria is well-known in the industry, both locally and nationally, and has over 30,000 followers, where many of her incredible patient results are made available for public viewing. 

Her diversity of experience has allowed her to garner an in-depth understanding of both medical-grade skincare and the appropriate application of various aesthetic medical devices used to treat age-related deficits. 

As an extension of her expertise and by popular request, Ms. Victoria also invests time training her peers on specific products and the many areas commonly treated with cosmetic injectables.

She lives in Bellaire, Texas, with her two teenage daughters, Sasha and Mila. In her free time,  Ms. Victoria enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and staying fit.

You can see Victoria's work and follow her on Instagram @victoria_injects