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Mole Check Specialist

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Almost everyone has a mole or two. Though most are benign, you should have your moles checked regularly to monitor for changes and early signs of cancer. The skin experts at Elite Dermatology, with offices in the Greater Houston Area, screen for skin cancer with a mole check. For an evaluation, call today, or book an appointment online.

Mole Check Q&A

What are moles?

Moles are a type of skin growth that are usually brown or black in color. They usually show up on your body during childhood up through your mid-20s. It’s normal to have as many 40 moles on your body.

Overtime, moles can change shape, size, become raised, or even disappear. Most of your moles aren’t harmful to your health. However, a mole that looks different than your other moles or develops after age 25 should be checked out by the board-certified dermatologists at Elite Dermatology.

Should I see the dermatologist to have my moles checked?

Yes, you should have the experts at Elite Dermatology examine your skin each year to monitor your moles. If you’ve never had a mole check, call today, or schedule an appointment for an initial visit.

Getting your skin checked regularly may help identify early signs of skin cancer and improve treatment outcomes.

What happens during a mole check visit?

During a mole check, the skin experts at Elite Dermatology thoroughly examine your skin and your moles. The team looks for any abnormalities in the mole that may indicate early signs of skin cancer, or the ABCDEs.

  • Asymmetry: a healthy mole should be symmetrical
  • Borders: even borders usually indicate a benign mole
  • Color: a healthy mole is usually a single shade of color
  • Diameter: a regular mole is about the size of a pencil eraser
  • Evolving: change of the shape of your mole over time


Regular visits to Elite Dermatology for mole checks allows the team to get to know your skin and your moles, so they can easily identify any changes that may be of concern.

If a mole looks cancerous, the team will remove it by cutting it out or shaving it off and sending it out for biopsy.

What should I expect after having a mole removed?

The team at Elite Dermatology provides specific instructions on how to care for your skin after a mole removal, including activities to avoid and how to care for the wound. If your mole grows back, the team wants you to call right away.

The team will contact you once the results of your biopsy come back and make the appropriate recommendations as needed.

For a mole check, call today, or schedule an appointment using the online booking agent.


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